- One story, several lives -
What is this book about?
It's a story about my friend. And about me. This story is about each of us.

It's about how to come to your Authentic Woman and where to start making changes when it seems that everything around is not yours: the body, relationships, the whole life... It's about how to regain yourself!

I know what it's like to dive headfirst into motherhood, forget about sex with my husband, look at myself in the mirror, and see the dull gaze of a tired woman.

However, I also know how to get out of this swamp, become a confident and sexy Woman, make my dreams come true and see admiration in my husband's eyes again.

This is what I wrote about in my book.

It contains invaluable experience of women's mistakes, which will help you look at familiar life issues from a different angle and find your own solution. I would really like that.
How did it all begin?
It felt wildly offensive. At first, I refused to admit it but then I started analysing his words and understood that it … was true.

I was living on an endless maternity leave and all my interests revolved around children's problems and developmental activities for them. I was wearing a perpetual bun instead of styling my hair, putting on sneakers instead of high heels, buying new clothes for the kids and organising family photo shoots forgetting about my personal desires.
And then my husband introduced me to his new circle of friends. I panicked. They're not like me! I'm not like them! He will fall out of love with me because I'm not interesting to him anymore. I'll lose him and I won't have anything...

Once a man I knew told my close friend about me: "Marina is undoubtedly beautiful, kind of warm and cosy, a wonderful mother … but she lacks the main thing: the energy of a Woman, a spark, sexuality…"
So why did I write this book?
I understand better than anyone how painful it is to change anything: one's body, attitude, mentality. Instead, you want to give in to depression, self-flagellation and forget everything. Thoughts like "My life isn't that bad", "My life is like anyone else's", "Where will he go"? are constantly spinning in your head.
However, if you have this frantic desire to change – to become REAL – nothing will stop you!
How this book came to life
I started shyly sharing stories about my friend's life in my blog. Simultaneously, I was writing about my own transformation.

Our mistakes, successes, conclusions, thoughts, sensations, feelings, and emotions – all of this resonated so much with my audience that I was receiving hundreds of questions, personal stories and requests to continue the story of the protagonist.

Almost every day, girls reach out to me, sharing their firsthand experiences and explaining how learning from our mistakes has empowered them to change their lives, gain fresh perspectives on their relationships, and dare to embark on a journey towards authenticity.
That's how individual notes about my friend and myself turned into a whole book, which is now also available in English – Other Women's Mistakes
How to buy?
The book in PDF format
Each page has unique details that you want to look at endlessly: personal photos, associative images, traces of coffee, lipstick, pen strokes…

What is more, each chapter has a poetic epigraph.
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